Irene Passed

Well Irene came and went. She caused more damage to some than others but, think it’s fair to say, people were generally pleased that things were not as bad as had been expected.

I had two Masses on Sunday – the first at 7am and there were nine people there! Not a typical Cathedral attendance. The other was at 5pm when the winds had settled and the congregation was more along the lines you’d expect. I didn’t preach at the earlier Mass as I felt people might have endured enough “wind” for one day!!

I came to Boston on Monday and am here at the moment – spent time with my good friends, Carrie and Guillermo and, from their home, got the chance to meet with other people I wanted to meet and thankfully do most summers – the Kerins’ from Collooney – Olivia and her family, Edel and her’s. Always lovely. We had a long walk on the beach and I enjoyed that too.  We also had a chance to check out Dan and Edel’s Chicken Coup!  Not sure if they’re Rhode Island Reds but there’s something “Celtic” about a few of them!!

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I met my cousin Frances and her husband and son earlier today and, this evening, met Joanne another good friend from Collooney days. My day began with Mass in the Cathedral here in Boston. I went to concelebrate but finished up being the Principal Celebrant and saying a few words. I don’t think they endured as much wind in Boston so they weren’t spared Hurrican Vinnie!!!

Heading back to New York tomorrow morning and home tomorrow evening so looking forward to that as well. Will meet Alpha on Thursday I’d say so he’ll either wag his tail in delight or bite my hand off. If this blog comes to an abrupt end, you’ll know which way it went!!!

Just watched two episodes of Frasier here and will end now with his catchphrase, albeit a bit modified,

Goodnight Sligo, Kilmovee, Gurteen, Boston, New York, Virginia …… Thanks for listening!


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