“The Help”

I was in Virginia for two days last week.  I met my aunt there and spent some time with family friends.  It was lovely – too much food – but that was lovely too 🙂

On Friday afternoon we went to the cinema – a.k.a. “Movie Theatre/TheatER” (Tomaaaaato/Tomato)  We went to see a film called “The Help”.  I had never heard of it before though I think I might have been in the only in the group that hadn’t and certainly the only one that hadn’t “read the book”.  I really SHOULD read more.  Another should, among a long line of “shoulds” in my life but that’s for another day.

The movie!  I really enjoyed it a lot.  Set in Jackson, Mississippi, it told the story of the relationship, or maybe lack of relationship, that existed between those who worked and those for whom they worked.  It touched, again, on segregation, prejudice and injustice.  It spoke too of God’s role in the lives of all and the importance of the Gospel in giving solace to the afflicted.

One of the scenes that struck me was when a huge charity event was arranged to feed the poor in Africa and, as can often happen, the worthiness of that was lost in the awful truth that the poor on the doorsteps of those organising the event, went unheeded or belittled.  It can be easy to organise events for far off places and fail to see injustice in front of us.

I found myself tear-filled on a few occasions but it was dark!!  I heard afterwards that this was a “chick-flick” but I’m not convinced it was – not that there’s anything wrong with chick-flicks!!  I think it told a story and told it well.  There may have been some license taken – who knows but the truth remains we need to address wrong-doing, bigotry, hatred and do our very best not to promote these in any way by action or omission, by word or silence ……

There were a number of movies on show in the theatre and another was “The Guard” but I had seen it at home a few weeks ago.  Certainly not a “chick-flick” but it did make me laugh.  I’m not so sure how my movie-going companions on Friday last would have enjoyed it though.  Maybe they’ll go at some stage and let me know.

Here’s the trailer from “The Help” –


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