May in August!

NO, I’ve not finally flipped!!  It’s time for May in August ….

I heard “Kentish Town Waltz” on Mid West Radio yesterday and thought it was a lovely piece of music – didn’t fully catch the lyrics but the tone was pure class.  I caught the name of the performer “Imelda May” but didn’t know anything about her.  I met a girl earlier today and we ended up talking about Gay Byrne’s interview with Imelda May on “For one night only”.  Strange that her name came up again. Anyway, did a YouTube ramble and found Kentish Town Waltz and the Gay Byrne interview.  What a lovely person she is and SO talented.  So, if you’ve only a few minutes to spare watch and listen to “Kentish Town” (brings me back a quater of a century to when I spent a few weeks of the summer as a Deacon in St Gabriel’s Church, Holloway Road.  A classmate was in Kentish Town and I used to visit him there.  No, we didn’t waltz!!!  We did eat a lot of junk food though 🙂 …. Kentish Town ……….)

And if you’ve a bit more time – follow the clips from the “For one night only” show.  Thanks to whoever went to the trouble of posting them on youtube.  Thanks to Imelda for her reality, her gift, her talent …. her songs.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


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