Have been in Virginia USA since Wednesday.  I spent two days with my aunt Mary Margaret in Richmond and met with her cousin Pat and his wife Irene.  We had a good time together and, as always, was good to see them all.  On Friday Mary Margaret and I travelled to Alexandria where we met with some of the Korves family.  That was my main reason for being here – to baptize the newly born daughter of Chris and Erin at whose wedding I officiated.  Their daughter, Maeve, was baptized on Saturday 15th in St Charles Borromeo Parish, Arlington Virginia along with Rose, the daughter of their friends, Kathleen and Christopher.  It was a lovely gathering in faith and I was glad to be part of it.  As I head home tomorrow I bring with me happy memories of these few days.

Maeve with her God Parents (front) and parents Chris and Erin
With Rose's parents, Kathleen and Christopher and God Parents, Chris and Erin

This Sunday I celebrated the 11am Mass in St Charles Borromeo during which two more children were baptized and one young parishioner received First Holy Communion.  It was lovely to be involved in such a joyful celebration.


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