Two weddings and a comedian!

Since Friday I’ve celebrated marriage with two couples; Brian and Maria on Friday and Mark and Charlene on Saturday.  They were lovely occasions of family gathering and friends supporting.  I was glad to be part of both days.  Brian and Charlene are both from Carracastle Parish and were young children when I left there twenty years ago.  It was nice to be asked to be part of their special days, to have the chance to reconnect with their families and to meet the two people that are to be part of their lives long into the future.  It was a reminder too of how time has passed since I left Carracastle Parish back in 1991.

Brian and Maria Kelleher, married in Grange, Co. Sligo
Mark and Charlene McLaughlin, married in Enniscrone, Co. Sligo

Between the two weddings, I had the chance to go to see Peter Kay in concert in the O2 in Dublin.  He was excellent.  I really enjoyed the show.  His act is so clever and his delivery thoroughly enjoyable.  Was glad to be there.


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