This will be your busy week!

I know at least one priest who hates that line!! (well two, including myself!)  It’s often said to us towards the end of the last week of Lent as we face into Holy Week.  The resoning behind it is obvious.  There are a lot of ceremonies during Holy Week and, apart from that, visits to neighbouring parishes to help with Easter Confessions.  The impression it can give, though I’m sure it’s not intended, is that once Holy Week is out of the way, we can slacken off until Christmas!

That idea of being “busy” reminds me of the story of a town where a rumour went round that Jesus was due to visit.  The curate heard the rumour and went directly to the parish priest.  “Jesus is coming to town”, he blurted out, “he’s due any minute.  What should I do?”  The parish priest looked at him for a minute and said “look busy” 🙂

So let’s all be busy these days – busy in Faith, busy in prayer – busy doing what needs to be done.  Simon, we are told, was reluctantly busy on Good Friday but I often think he must have rejoiced in that busyness when the fullness of the story unfolded.  Veronica too, towel in hand, found work for her hands as she stepped from the crowd to wipe his troubled face.  There’s plenty to do.  Let’s “Look busy” because we are busy – not just this week ……..


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