We’ve heard it all before …

That’s probably the most difficult line to overcome as we face into Holy Week 2011.  We live in an age of tweeting, instant messages, Facebook, Sky News and so much more that brings freshness to story and thought.  The most heart-wrenching story quickly becomes yesterday’s news as a new  headline takes over.

How then can we not be numbed to the events we  celebrate in our Christian tradition this week?  Can we make it fresh?  Is there a sound byte we can use?  Can we go through Holy Thursday, hear again the “long Gospel” of Good Friday, light countless candles from the Paschal Candle on Holy Saturday, get up with cockcrow for Easter Sunday Mass and pretend we’ve not done this countless times before?  No!   Absolutely not.

There’s nothing new to hear this week.  We have indeed heard it all before.  Is there a sound byte?  Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t – “This day you will be with me in Paradise” ….. “Father forgive them, they know not what they do” …. “Weep not for me” ….   Yes, we’ve heard it all before but, and maybe this is the sound byte, “WE NEED TO HEAR IT AGAIN”.

The world needs us to hear it again …..


2 thoughts on “We’ve heard it all before …”

  1. Hi Fr. Vincent,
    Just caught your palm blessing in Kilmovee on the Kilmovee Parish website. What a beautiful morning you had there this morning! It made me homesick. Your reflection on the immediacy of news and communication nowadays was even more relevant by the fact that the photos were only taken this morning…and I could see them!
    I was at Mass in Midleton, Cork this morning and even though they blessed some palm (they use yew tree down here as opposed to cypress in Mayo), I didn’t manage to get any.

    I love your website and the Kilmovee one, which keeps me in touch with home. Keep up the good work.


    1. Michael, it was such a lovely morning and seemed the right thing to do. Had done the same in Urlaur last night. Was great to see so many there and to have the chance to begin Holy Week in this way. Thanks for your message. Hope all goes well for Holy Week. I could post you some Palm but it might be seized!!! God Bless, Vincent

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