Blessing of Palm in Kilmovee

Michael posted a comment about the blessing of Palm in Kilmovee today.  We had a beautiful morning so I asked people to assemble outdoors for the blessing ceremony and reading the Gospel account of Jesus’ entry to Jeruselem.  The photos (taken by Sandra McCabe, a parishioner) are on Youtube   The music is from Phil Coulter and is entitled “A Simple Prayer”.

We will pray for each other during Holy Week and, with God’s help, be blessed through our participation in the Ceremonies.


2 thoughts on “Blessing of Palm in Kilmovee”

  1. Vincent,
    Just here in the parish after a very prayerful experience using your stations of the Cross which we got in Veritas. They went down very well and people were looking for copies of them as they were so touched. So thank you for writing. We were saddened to read on this site of your loss with the death of your father Bill. We will hold him and your family in our Holy Week Prayer.

    1. Tom and all, thanks for that message. I really appreciate your words and your prayers for my father, R.I.P. It’s a long time since I did that bit of writing and I’m glad it still matters to people. Happy Easter to you all. God Bless, Vincent

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