Alpha close enough to the ALPHA (beginning)

I called to see my brother Kieran and his family just before midnight on New Year’s Eve.  Some weeks earlier their Doberman (Jordan) gave birth to a litter of puppies.  Kieran and Helena offered me one of them if I wanted and, though tempted, I thought of all the reasons I shouldn’t.  There was still a nagging though – not from Kieran or family – but in my head, that a dog might be good to have.  Then again, the reasons why I shouldn’t kept coming back.  They were numerous and true!!

Anyway, back to New Year’s Eve.  I called to see them all, welcomed in 2011 and left around 12.30am ………. with Alpha!!  They brought in one of the pups just after midnight and I decided to take him home.  It was just into the New Year, a new beginning so I called him ALPHA.  He’s still with me though there have been a few times I thought I’d prefer to call him OMEGA (the end).
I’m into my fourth month with him now and it hasn’t been honeymoon all the way.  I was in the school the other day and told the children I was going home to have my lunch.  I had some mince meat cooked from the day before and told them I was going to have that with some potatoes.  The teacher said I was making them hungry.  Came home, put down the potatoes, took mince from the fridge and left it on the worktop.  Decided to let Alpha in for a while.  Before I knew what happened, he had the mince devoured!  The children need not have been jealous.
Friends ask how I’m getting on with him and I say that there are times I regret getting him but overall I’m glad to have him.  Certainly there’s a welcome home waiting for me now.  I think we’ll have many rows but hopefully none too serious.
I’m going to take him for a walk now.  Well, more accurately put, he’s going to take me 🙂

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