Jimmy Sherlock, R.I.P.

Jimmy Sherlock, R.I.P.

Earlier today, Sunday March 20th, my uncle Jimmy died, R.I.P.  He had been in hospital for a number of weeks.  His family hadn’t told him that daddy died, as they wanted to save him from further upset.  Please God they are reunited now.

Jimmy was ever loyal to my father and the two of them got along really well, thank God.  Regular visits and shared stories kept them in contact.  It’s hard to believe the two of them have died within the week. 

We remember Jimmy’s family now – Nora his wife, his daughter Denise and sons Declan and Des, his daughter-in-law Eileen and grandchildren.  May they find the strength they need for the days ahead.

He was a keen photographer and, in some ways, I’ve always thought my own fondness for pictures came from him.  He never used digital cameras but developed countless rolls of film and captured thousands of moments.  Jimmy, like my father, was a talented man who could turn his hand to a variety of tasks.  Ever obliging, he was available to all. 

Jimmy and Bill at home in Moygara.

As we prepare for Jimmy’s Funeral in Gurteen, we pray that God grant eternal rest to Jimmy, daddy and all who have died.  “We put them yesterday under Our Lady’s protection and today we put them under the protection of her only Son.  May Peter freely open to them the Gates of Paradise and may God and Mary come to meet them and bring their Souls to the City of the Saints. Amen.”


5 thoughts on “Jimmy Sherlock, R.I.P.”

  1. Hi Vincent, Brendan here I was so sorry to hear about your father – I tried to get accross on the Monday evening but was unable and I had a funeral in the Parish on Tuesday and Wednesday, although we prayed for you and your dad. We prayed that the Lord would help you through the funeral ceremony. I have no doubt that your consistently inspired words made the funeral ceremony so comforting for everyone.
    Was just looking up the website to get your phone number to call, and I saw about your uncle also – and reckon that you are too busy to take a call from me just now. Mind yourself and my sympathies to you and your family.

  2. Brendan, thanks for your kind words. I know you would have been there had it been possible. Not always easy to juggle the timetable. Your prayers and kindness are much appreciated. Chat soon. Vincent

  3. Fr. Vincent, your uncle Jimmy represented to me what Ireland was. I remember him when I was very young back home in ’54. I made a point to stop in each year to visit himself and Nora and would have the best cuppa tea in Ireland in that house and listen to some great stories. Jimmy was a loyal friend to my uncle Bernard as he was to all. He would visit the sick and assist the lost. May he be united with his loved ones that have passed and be at peace and happiness with the Lord! My condolences to Nora and all the family and friends.

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