Bill Sherlock R.I.P. – MY FATHER

Bill Sherlock, R.I.P.

Daddy (we called him Bill most of the time!) died today, March 13th, at 1pm.  About twelve hours earlier, as I sat by his bed with my niece and cousin, I typed some words into my phone – trying to capture how I felt and hold on to the love that was around his illness and bed but somehow I managed to lose those words.  Maybe I wasn’t meant to have them … maybe they were not needed.  I’m not bothered about losing them but I am bothered about losing him.  He was a genuinely good man.

He missed our mother so much but continued as best he could to be cheerful and active.  He manged the cheerfulness but his activity lessened.  His world became quite small – living life, more or less, at home.  He was blessed to have good support and care.  He counted his blessings and blessed those who made them possible.  One niece, he promoted to the role of “Guardian Angel” and even though she did not fully accept the title, there’s no denying there was truth in it.  All his grandchildren stood by him even if, for some of them, location and circumstances meant it had to be at a bit of a remove.

Thankfully my brothers and I were close to him as well and I think, more often than not, got it right in caring for him.  He was anything but demanding.  Whenever you’d do anything for him, be it take him to a hospital appointment or wash his hair, he’d say “I’m sure this doesn’t suit you at all” and alway there was thanks.  He appreciated everything and voiced that appreciation.

Anyway he’s with Mary again.  No doubt she’ll have a few things lined up for him to do.  Maybe he’ll revert to his old ways – often he’d fall asleep sitting near her and she’d shout over at him – “Are you asleep Bill?”  Without opening and eye, he’d answer “Sound to the world”!!!

I want to put a few more bits and pieces here but just want, for now, to ask you to say a prayer for my father – may he rest in peace.  “Are you asleep Bill?” “Sound to the world”!!!

Side by side – then and now – Bill and Mary


16 thoughts on “Bill Sherlock R.I.P. – MY FATHER”

  1. What a lovely piece Fr. Vincent and what lovely memories. With deepest sympathy. Thinking and praying for ye at this sad and difficult time. May your Dad Rest in Peace.

  2. Bill was such a sweetheart and he will be remembered as one always. He was so genuinely kind and considerate. He is with his Mary and his Lord – Better company we cannot imagine. Thinking of you all. With sympathy and love. J&C

  3. You said it all, and nicely, Vincent. Mary and Bill would be proud of you – as they always were. No man was more hospitable than Bill. No one ever came into his house without having at least tea and biscuits before they left. May he receive comparable hospitality inside heaven’s gate. With much love, Mary Margaret

  4. I’m weeping what a moving tribute! What lovely memories and how brave of you to put your thoughts into such coherent terms at this sad time. I’m sure Mary was delighted to see Bill coming and maybe she said ” what took you so long”.
    I’m praying for Bill (even though I don’t think he needs any) for you Vincent and for all the family.
    May God bless and comfort all of you.

  5. Ours thoughts and prayers are with you.Sorry to hear the sad news.
    Bill and Mary side by side,may they rest in peace. All our love.Olivia La Grassa, Margaret Kerins and our Families.

  6. Vincent,

    I am sorry for your loss but also happy for your father that his time away from Mary was limited and they are together as one

    My mother would hive envied Bill ; she lived for 26 years and 5 months with a tremendous void in her life

    Matt and I visited with a first cousin last week (also my Godfather) and his wife
    we had a similar experience
    he is dying and their love is so great (married 53 years) and Lee is so distraught that when he was out of the room she told me his impending death was beyond her understanding and ability to accept

    Mary and Bill obviously had a loving marriage and we should be very happy that they will have an eternity to share

    very best,

    Andy & Matt

  7. Fr vincent-so sorry to hear this news, may your dad rest in pease. You write so beautifully even under the most stressful circumstances.
    thinking of you and all of the family at this sad time .
    The Kenney family

  8. Please accept our deepest sympathies. We will remember Bill as such a gracious person, how he invited us too for a cup of tea in his house. Our prayers are with Bill and all of you.

    Erin & Chris

  9. Fr. Vincent, Our thoughts and prayers are with you and all the family. It was a real pleasure to have known Bill, a true gentle, gentleman. Treasure those memories of your mum and dad. They were so proud of you. Now reunited in God’s love, May they rest in peace
    Love and God Bless, R & K

  10. Bill was one of a kind, they broke the mould when he arrived. After my visits to Bill and Mary I would go home with sore ribs from laughing so much. Bill still continued with his jokes and stories, even when Mary had gone. No doubt they are both together now, discussing the day’s events, Bill making the tea and Mary planning her next trip down the road. I am so priviledged to have known them both and have so many very happy memories. Such happy memories will live on forever. Thinking of you all at this time xxx

  11. Vincent, I was so very sad to hear about your dad’s passing. Like you say, he is with the love of his life once again in heaven R.I.P. All of our thoughts and prayers are with you and your brothers during this very sad time. Love, Fran & Ed and family.

  12. Hi Fr Sherlock,
    We were so sorry to hear about your dad dying. I had hoped to go to the funeral today(Wednesday) but Des was in Galway with work and I had the two girls and there was no way I could manage the two of them in the church.
    I hope youre okay and will talk to you soon,
    Margaret x

  13. Hi Vincent,

    Jeremy and I are so sorry to hear about the loss of your father. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


  14. Dear Vincent we are so sorry to hear about the loss of your father. Thinking of you in this difficult time. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.
    Diane and John

  15. Dear Vincent,
    We just heard the news. I feel so at lost for words but David and myself really enjoyed the time we spent with your parents. David learned so much about the Boyle area courtesy of your father and for a student like my husband it was great to be able to spend time with such a knowledgeable person so willing to share.

    Kathleen Scanlon olesky

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