A thought on worrying!

Ralph Phelps in a sermon entitled “How to Worry” tells about the clock that had a nervous breakdown. A new clock placed on the shelf was ticking two ticks to the second as any good clock should tick. Then it began to calculated how many times it was going to have to tick. “Two ticks to the second means 120 ticks per minute. That’s 7200 ticks per hour, 172,800 ticks per day, 1,209,600 per week for 52 weeks, and a total of 62,899,200 per year.” Horrified, the clock had a nervous breakdown.

The clock was taken to a psychiatrist who asked, “Clock, what’s your trouble?” “Oh, doctor,” the clock complained, “I have to tick so much. I have to tick two ticks a second and 120 ticks per minute and 7200 ticks per hour, and …” “Hold it,” the psychiatrist cut in, “How many ticks do you have to tick at a time?” “Oh, I just have to tick one tick at a time,” was the reply. “Then let me make a suggestion,” replied the doctor. “You go home and try ticking one tick at a time. Don’t even think about the next tick until its time. Just tick one tick at a time. Can you do that?” “Of course, I can” said the clock now happy and revived.

Don’t worry about the next tick! ”

Tick it easy”!!!


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