Met my cousin

On Tuesday February 15th, I went to Galway to meet my cousin Gillian who was passing through.  She’s the daughter of Frances Pinkham (McDonnell) and lives in Sharon, Massachusetts.  She’s on a “GAP YEAR” – which seems to be a year out between secondary school and college.  It’s an interesting year for her that takes her to Scotland, England, Ireland, Germany and Italy where she will work on farms and various other jobs.  She’s a horse lover and will focus some of her time on horses and caring for them. Quite an undertaking but, having met her, one she’s well able for. I discovered she has a fondness for a pot-belly pig called Wilbur who lives near her at home.  When you give a name to a pig, that’s pretty much it I suppose!!  We had dinner and pork was not an option!!   I was glad to meet up with her and hope to hear from her along the way.  Her grandfather and my father are first cousins and were in the same class in school.  Her grandfather (John McDonnell) lives in White Plains, New York.

With Gillian after dinner in Galway

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