Ballot Boxes and Number One

Everywhere we look, every time we speak, every radio show we tune into or every TV news bulletin we watch brings the theme of ELECTION TWENTY ELEVEN to the surface. Everybody wants your vote and everybody’s vote is important. Tallies are tallies and predictions are predictions. The final count tells the full story. (As an aside, good luck to all who put themselves before us at this time. We wish you well)

God has cast His vote. You could almost say He “spoilt” his vote because He has voted each and every one of us NUMBER ONE! He hasn’t continued his preference – just ONE VOTE per person and it’s a ONE. It’s very hard for us to believe this but it is absolutely true. Somehow God sees the good in us, even when we struggle to see it ourselves. He has marked our ballot paper, He accepts our nomination and wants us to rise to our feet, find our voice and become the people He wants us to be.

The vote is cast. Now we just need to be thankful for it and make use of it.


3 thoughts on “Ballot Boxes and Number One”

  1. This is such a lovely thought Vincent! (Well done on the blog – found it recently and I’m really enjoying it! Margaret

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