Heritage Night

A short recitation by Martin Frain – filmed at the Heritage Night in Kilmovee Community Centre on the vigil of St Brigid’s Day.  Martin is well known for penning pieces like this. 


2 thoughts on “Heritage Night”

  1. I came across your blog and was reading it when I saw this entry. Martin Frain is a family name in my family. They came from Ballaghaderreen. I’ve been trying to connect my relations for a while and still have cousins there, Padraic Lavin of the Gem House. Hanoria Frain married a John Higgins I believe sometime in the 1860’s. And her brothers were Martin Frain and Thomas Frain. They emigrated to America, Yonkers, New York to be exact before 1870. She also had a sister, I believe, Bridget. I’m sure it has become very annoying, all these American’s tracing their family and trying to find records and documents so I hope I am not imposing. I have been trying to connect this family for 15 years and when I saw Mr. Frain’s name on your blog I had to say something. Anyway, I have enjoyed reading your blog posts and I would like to express my condolences for the loss of your father and uncle.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments and words of condolence. The Martin Frain mentioned here lives in Kilmovee. I know Padraic Lavin all right. I worked in Ballaghaderreen Parish for a number of years. Sadly I’m not able to throw any light on your search. I take it you have contacted Ballaghaderreen Parish. You will find details for the parish on http://www.achonrydiocese.org God Bless, Vincent

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