Michaela with her father Michael

(Thought from this week’s parish bulletin – Kilmovee) 

We celebrated Mass during the week for Michaela Harte (McAreavey).  It was a morning Mass and those of us gathered, remembered her and her people.  It’s hard to believe that a few weeks ago she was able to be at the centre of a her own celebration on her wedding day.  It is indeed very difficult to believe that joy can all too quickly turn to sorrow and yet that’s exactly what has  happened.  There’s no stomach now for those wedding day photos, video clips, cards and good wishes.  All has been taken – taken in a moment of senselessness.  It’s almost certain nobody intended this to happen and yet it has.  We live in such fragile times. 

It won’t be long before Michaela’s story loses its newsworthiness.  Another headline will replace it.  Another face will be before us and life will move on – or seem to.  It will not move on for her family.  Everything from now on will be measured from the second that awful news invaded their lives.  There will be a gap in all their stories and an emptiness at all family gatherings.  It will never be the same for them again.  God help them. 

Consequences!  That’s the word we need to hold on to.  There are consequences for all our actions.  They need to be taken into consideration.  Everything we say or do has the potential for good or bad.  Michaela’s “I do” on her wedding day had the potential for so much happiness and joy but it was taken away by what seems to have been an “I need” in the minds of those who thought they might take a few euro but ended up taking so much more. 

“Lord, deliver us from evil.  Grant us peace in our day”.


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