It’s January 10th – the New Year will and truly begun.  I had a call today about this blog and some questions about how it started.  A few weeks ago, Tom Shiel – a reporter for the Connaught Telegraph contacted me as well.  He wanted to do a piece on the blog and asked me how it came about.  I put a few lines together and Tom worked on them and ran a piece in the paper that week.  I think the number of visitors has increased in recent weeks and just notice that there were nearly 500 views of the blog on Saturday last.  That makes me think, I need to know what people expect or want from this.  I’d be glad to hear from you and would appreciate some suggestions!



6 thoughts on “Suggestions!”

  1. Hi Vincent , Saw the article on a copy of the Connaught Telegraph I was selling up here in Meath (there are a few Mayo natives settled here) and just got round to having a look today I am truly impressed. As usual your message is relayed simply but extremly effictively. I see the John Denver connection from Maynooth is still Strong. Now that i have found the site I hope to return on a regular basis.
    Regards ,

  2. Hi Father,

    Have you heard Spirit Radio yet? New Christian radio set to launch on 27th January in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford. (Eventually will go nationwide.) It will be listener supported. Please pass the word!

  3. Fr. Vincent, Others now know what we have always known. Your inspiration is our inspiration. Keep on blogging YOUR way!!
    R & K
    p.s. we miss your homilies!!!

  4. Hi Father Vincent, just read about your blog in this weeks Irish Catholic; well done!
    Now that I’ve visited, I’m stumped to know how I can introduce a point or two.

    The IC is full of parish based catechesis and the publication of the “National Directory for Catechesis”. Do you think will this open the topic of reviewing the age of first reception of the Sacraments.

    I was encouraged by a paragraph or two in the IC Editor’s comment . Garry O’Sullivan wrote “…it is back to business as usual in the Church, back to building power and prestige, back to healing reputations rather than being wounded healers; the cynicism of it all is demoralising. ….how can we talk about renewal when the elephants are still in the room? How can Catholics feel comfortable calling for the abolition of the Seanad and the sacking of senators and idly standby as a completely discredited Church leadership dusts itself off and goes about business as usual while avoiding the real issues?”

    Here we are in full-flight preparation for the Eucharistic Congress and another Church season of penance is about to pass by without being grasped by the Catholic Church in Ireland as a moment of Church repentance.

    1. Finnian, thanks for your message. I’m afraid I’ve not seen that directory yet and amn’t exactly sure what you mean about the age for the Sacraments – whether you think it’s too young or to old. In any case, I appreciate you getting in touch.

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