How many sTopping days left ’til Christmas?

Advent has set light to four candles. A circle of preparation that sought to lead us one week at a time to the celebration of Christmas.  It was a call to slow down – a call we’ve perhaps only truly answered in winter snow.  For we rush so much – lots to be done, said, searched for and bought.  We’ve shopped but have we STOPPED? 

A few days left now – might be good to stop for a while.  The winter conditions on our roads here in Ireland have made us do it but Advent invites us to slow down.  It’s not an order – an invitation to  think about the time of year it is and to welcome, without fuss, the Saviour of the world.  

So, how many “sTopping days” are left?  Enough.  Let us all reduce speed and take heed!


There’s a very good resource, based on the Advent Wreath, available through  There’s a link to it on the homepage of but you can also follow it from here



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