Snow is falling ….

Okay, enough with the snow!!  It’s back today and with a vengeance.  Really heavy falls all day and looks like no end in sight.  Spent most of the day in the house but took a few photos earlier in the day and decided to link them with a Leonard Cohen song …. so watch, listen, enjoy and (above all else) stay warm and safe.

[Vimeo 17924905]


2 thoughts on “Snow is falling ….”

  1. Absolutely lovely, Vincent. Know you are probably going stir crazy but the snow does bring a sense of serenity and peace and that is a gift in itself. What you need, Vincent is a cup of piping hot chocolate with mounds of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon (we know how you love that!) Talk soon, J&C

  2. Vincent, Beautiful winter scenes. Nature is so full of beauty, but at the same time, often challenging, as Life itself is.! Continue to keep us all “posted” with your thoughts, always prvoking but very welcome. R & K.

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