John Murray Show

On Monday morning, John Murray on his daily Radio Show asked for photos from around the country so I decided to send a few I’d taken the day before.  Some of them featured on the evening news and one of them in today’s Irish Independent.  That’s kinda nice!!  Anyway, John Murray’s team put together a slide show and it’s been posted to You Tube so here’s the link!

Three of my photos feature – the opening one of the tree tops, one of Kilmovee Church taken from the back of my house and one of the sun rising through trees near the house.  Some lovely photos and a not so bad tune …..

A bit about the song and band ….

The music is Wake Me Up by The Lost Brothers, a really good Irish band. They were on our show recently, you can check them out here on our youtube channel.

RTERadio1 9 hours ago


4 thoughts on “John Murray Show”

  1. Fr. Vincent. Once again thank you for your blog.We are grateful for your thoughts & reflections and of course the Good news from your “Old Friends” in Monasteraden.
    Regards & God Bless, Roger & Kitty

  2. That was a beautiful real-life story about Andy McGovern. True, too too often, we overlook the miracles in our lives and forget all our blessings.

    Congratulations on your 3 photos that were selecetd. The others are fantastic too!

    Hope you made a snow man. 🙂

    All our love,
    Jeanie and Corky

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