Fall backwards and spring forward ….

The time changed here – back one hour – a week ago.  When I was going to bed, I changed the time on my clock radio (bought a few months ago) and put it back one hour.  I woke during the night and looked at the clock radio to see what time it was and, was less than happy when  the clock assured me it was 6.05am.  I looked at my phone and it was 7.05am and a quick look at my wrist watch announced that it was 8.05am!  While any of the three was earlier than I’d want to wake, I didn’t know which to believe! 

Of course technology had outwitted me.  I re-set the clock but did not realise the clock planned on doing that all by itself.  My efforts were of no consequence so the one hour became two.  My phone also had updated itself and the hour had been shaved off.  Only my untouched wrist watch, though one hour fast, gave me certainty.  It was 7.05am (well probably 7.10am by the time I figured it out!)  Thought about that a bit and was thankful to the watch – seemed to say something to me about dependability.  Sometimes if we don’t interfere, we allow the truth to find its voice.  The untouched watch, though an hour fast, told it as it was.

I’m reminded of a man coming to Mass in Ballaghaderreen a few years ago.  He arrived a bit late and breathless.  It was the morning after a time change as well and he didn’t know whether the clock had gone forward or backward.  When he settled in the church, took stock of where the priest was at in the Mass, he turned to another parishioner and asked “Is this the 8 0’clock or 10 o’clock Mass!  His watch spoke of 9am!!

Time has changed.  The winter is here.  We’ll make the most of it ………


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