Sr Maureen McDonnell, R.I.P.

Earlier today (Sunday October 3rd) Sr Maureen McDonnell died.  She was my father’s first cousin and truly lovely person.  May she rest in peace.  Sr Maureen had been based in Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim and was a Religious Sister of the Marist Community.  Her funeral takes place on Wednesday next in St Joseph’s Church, Leitrim Village.

Sr Maureen

Maureen, we put you yesterday under Our Lady’s protection.  Tonight we put you under the protection of her only Son.  May Peter freely open to you the gates of Paradise.  May God and Mary come to meet you and bring your Soul with them to the City of The Saints.  Amen.

Other days - Maureen with my parents Mary (R.I.P.) and Bill.
She was a great friend to my parents and they always enjoyed her visits very much.  Maureen enjoyed her food and my mother enjoyed cooking for her.  I hope they’re able to enjoy each other’s company now too.  There were many good laughs and, as a result, happy memories.  Thank God for both.




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