After a few weeks of visiting people, I’m glad to have some visitors – in fact the first people to stay in my home in Kilmovee since I moved here.  Yesterday Chris and Erin Korves came to visit and will stay with me til Thursday.  Just a week ago, I stayed with Chris’ parents in Annendale, VA and a few weeks earlier with his sister and her husband in Boston.  I celebrated Chris and Erin’s Wedding Ceremony in Virginia in 2008.  It’s good to have them here.

Chris and Erin at my mother's grave in Templeronan, Cloonloo, Co. Sligo

We went last night to my brother’s house in Cloonloo for some food.  It was a pleasant evening and we all enjoyed it.  Kieran and Helena had prepared great food and Bill and Aaron were on hand to help in any way they could.  Gerard, Kate, Ronan and Cillian were there too as was my father.  Thomas, Martina, Brennan and Baby Jack also came along. 

Jack Sherlock - seemed to bond well with the visitors!!
Bill with Chris and Erin
At table!!

It was the eve of my brother’s (Gerard) birthday and a cake arrived.  He managed to blow out all the candles!!

Many happy returns

We chatted for a while and parted company.  A very enjoyable evening and it was good to have Chris and Erin with us.  Hopefully other family members will follow on now.  Always a welcome here!

Aaron, Bill, Erin, Kieran, Helena and Chris

And a final word with my father before leaving …

Vincent, Erin, Bill and Chris

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