Harry’s Right!

Last day in Rockville Centre!  Heading home this evening and back to regular service for the weekend.  I’m not sure what flight number I’m going home on but, a few years ago, James McDonagh had arranged to meet me at the airport.  I told him I was coming in on flight 111 and he said “I hope the plane doesn’t come in upside down”!!!  Anyway, Kieran is meeting me this time.

But Harry is right!  Harry is the business manager here at St Agnes’ Cathedral and he told me that he had checked my blog a few times and that all my talk was about Boston, Washington and other people.  “You never mention St Agnes”, he said.  At first I thought he was wrong but NO – he’s right.  I hadn’t and should have.  I am very grateful to all here at St Agnes who have made me feel one of their own for close on a dozen years.  It’s a lovely place to come to and quickly becomes home.  That’s the reason I come – to feel at home.  It is home at its best since it gives freedom to roam as well and that’s where all the mentions of other places and people comes from.  I really enjoy being here, seeing something of the American Church, having the chance to celebrate the Sacraments and meet people again.  For that and so much more – thanks.

The priests here are great to be with and I enjoy the chats around dinner table and when we meet duirng the day.  There are, of course, differences in the way ministry is lived here and at home but it’s the one message and literally the same hymn sheet!  Thanks to Monsignor Bill, Frs John, Germann, Adrian and Andrzej  for their welcome and support.  A very memorable part of this year’s visit was meeting Fr Francis McGachey for the first time.  Fr Francis is from Motherwell Diocese in Scotland and was great company.  I hope we keep in contact and I wish him well as he concludes his studies in Rome.  I’m sure I helped him a lot with those!!! 

A few photos to finish now since I need to pack – sadly I had to get a second case – travelled lightly and proudly this direction but a few more bits and pieces to bring the other way, hence a second case!

Some of the crew here - Harry, Paul, Linda and Jo Ann
Took me from A to B (with a bit of help from GARMIN!!)
LIRR TRAIN - took me from B to other letters of the alphabet with a little help from a ten-trip ticket!!

So Harry was right – a mention for St Agnes is appropriate!  I have some pictures of the Cathedral at home and will add them later.  For now, it’s been a good few weeks.  Thanks to all!  And yes, I’m happy to be going home since I am very happy there – happy too, that I will be back here again next year, with God’s help.  Until then ……


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