Boston re-visited!

Hello from Boston!

The annual ramble to New York is taking place.  Once again I am in Rockville Centre and enjoying the time very much.  On Wednesday I took the bus from New York to Worcester where I met with Joe and Liz (whose wedding I attended in Worcester nearly two years ago) and their young son, Edward Joseph.  It was good to see them and have a bit of time together.

Liz with Edward

We had a bite of lunch and Edward had a “drop of lunch”!

One for the road!!

We spent an hour or so together and then Liz took me to the railway station where I caught a train for Boston, South Bay, where I had arranged to meet my friend Caroline.  Enjoyed meeting Liz and Joe and seeing how much they are enjoying being parents and spending time with their boy.

Joe and Edward

As arranged I met Caroline and we went “grocery shopping” or as I might say “to get some stuff for the dinner”!  She had a list (good plan – John Duffy and Tanseys, be warned, I’m going to have a list anymore in Ballaghaderreen and Gurteen!!) so we got through that quickly enough and then walked to Carrie and Guillermo’s home.  We chatted for a while and when Guillermo got home we had a very enjoyable dinner and converstation (thanks to Carrie for the dinner) and all of us for the conversation!

On Thursday I went to Mass in Holy Cross Cathedral and met again, Fr Kevin O’Leary, whom I had met last year.  He’s quite a character and we had a good chat.  Joanne O’Connell from Collooney came to Mass and we remembered her uncle there (whose funeral was due to take place in Collooney).  Struck me as being one of the positives of our Faith – that we can join in the same prayer, albeit in different places, for one purpose.  I was glad to meet Joanne again and we had cup of coffee after Mass.

Later in the day I went to Canton and met my cousin Frances (hadn’t seen her in years) but quickly found myself at home with her and we had a very nice lunch together (I know – as I write there’s a lot of food happening and, believe me, there’s more to come 🙂 )  We went to the home of the New England Patriots Team for lunch and had a lovely time together.  Sadly I didn’t take any photo so can’t include Frances here but was really glad to see her.  Hoping to meet her father in White plains early next week.

When I got back to Boston I met up with Olivia (Kerins) La Grassa (another good Collooney woman) and her husband Rob and children.  It was Catriona’s birthday and I met them in a restaurant where they had celebrated.  (NO, I promise I ATE NOTHING THERE!!)  Rob’s parents were  were there too and we had a good laugh and chat.  Again I was glad to see them.  I have a friend whos says “people make places” and I am a firm believer in that.  Nice and all as Boston is, were these people not here, I’d have no real interest in visiting.

Catriona, Olivia, Rob and Bronagh

Catriona’s cousin, Grainne was there too.  She’a s lively character (as is her brother Diarmuid and parents – didn’t get to their house this time – but was happy to meet them when they came to collect Grainne)

"I'll back you up"!! Catriona and Grainne

Enjoyed meeting Rob’s parents again (Sam and Gina)  often enjoyed a sandwich with them in Sam La Grassa’s!!

Mimi and Papa sharing the moment with their granddaughter

Sharing the moment with a block of wood - Catriona, Grainne and Bronagh

After I parted company with Olivia and family, I went into a local church, St Leonard’s, in the North End.  A very impressive Church, not least because of all the people praying there.  So much activity and noise outside and yet, only feet away, people having a quiet moment for themselves in prayer.  I’d imagine this is a very well known church but I had never seen it before.  I was glad to be there.  My mother (R.I.P.) would have told me I could make three wishes since it was my first visit.  Not sure that I formalised them but I had intentions there and remembered people, not least Frank Flaherty from Monasteraden, who had died the evening before.  I’m sorry to be away for his funeral but I did think/pray for him there and for Phyl and the family and for my own family too,

Entrance to St Leonard's Church
Interior View
Outdoor Grotto on Church Grounds

When I left the Church I walked down a street, festively decorated with lights, bunting and flags.  At the end of the street there was a massive crowd of people and bands and three Friars from the local church (St Leonard’s).  It was the beginning of a festival in honour of Our Lady and St Peter – a huge statue of each was borne shoulder-high through the streets, followed by bands and crowds of people.

Festival atmosphere!
Outdoor altar/shrine from which the procession began


I did warn you we weren’t finished with food!  I met Carrie and Guillermo on the same street I had met Olivia, Rob and family.  We went to dinner in a lovely restaurant called “The Daily Catch” – my sitting room is bigger!!  We had to stand in line to get a table and, inside, the place was amazing.  Basic furnishings but full of life.  The chef worked within feet of us and all around there was noise and activity and yet it was easy to speak to each other.  The food, as the name suggests, was from the sea and very tasty. I was happy to let Carrie and Guillermo chose the dishes and they chose well.  A lovely evening.

Guillermo and Caroline
Master Chef!! He prepared the “catch” for table!

At the end of the meal two street entertainers came in and played a few tunes.  I enjoyed them but, in fairness, I’d rather listen to James McDonagh playing the “South Sligo style” on the flute!!

but they were good.  After dinner we walked home – good way to finish a meal and a very enjoyable walk.

This morning (Friday) I went to Mass again in the Cathedral and conclebrated with Fr Carlos.  After Mass we went to the rectory for coffee where I met Fr Kevin again.  I also had the chance (and indeed privelege) to meet Cardinal Sean O’Malley whose blog I really enjoy.  I was truly glad to meet him.  He is, as I thought he was, a decent man!


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