Leonard Cohen in Lissadell

Last Saturday I attended Leonard Cohen’s Concert in Lissadell House, Sligo.  It was an amazing concert with a truly talented and gracious entertainer.  His band and backing singers were incredible and justifiably highlighted by Leonard more than once during a three and a half hour concert.  It was right to mention them and he seems to be a man who does things right.  Such graciousness is all too rare.  He had it in abundance though, equalled only by a true gift, powerful lyrics and a magical performance.  I am so glad to have been there.  I had no camera but some fine performances have been captured and placed on youtube.  Well done to all who published such fine quality videos!  I’ll place a few of them here …

Leonard recited a few lines from Yeats, led into Anthem and introduced his band.  This ability to flow so easily from one theme to another is the true atristry of this man.  Even his words of introduction and recognition of the band have a musical flow … listen to the poem, the song, the introductions and sense the graciousness of tone.  Pure CLASS!

And a favourite of mine but this video is not from the Sligo performance – was good there too!!

A few years ago I bought a DVD of Leonard’s concert in London.  I came home, put it in the DVD player and thought to myself, “I’ll watch this for a few minutes”.  I didn’t leave the seat until the final note was sung!  Leonard sings of the “TOWER OF SONG” and it can’t be bad place to live!  A little clip from that DVD and a stepping stone into the tower ….


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