Pentecost Sunday

Liam Clancy R.I.P.

Hello there!

Just in from 10am Mass in Kilmovee.  It’s Pentecost Sunday and I had a few words ready about something that happened a few years ago on a journey from Galway to Castlebar where I met a man, by chance, whose words reassured me and reminded me I was on the right road – not just to Casltbar but in my life.  In some way, I felt, it was the Holy Spirit at work.

Before Mass I was listening to some music and Makem and Clancy’s version of “Will you go lassie go” came on.  I listened to it and then noticed the last verse and chorus where Liam Clancy (R.I.P.) spoke the lines for the audience that the spoken word could immediately become music and lyric.  Again, this speaks of the Holy Spirit who knows we have within us what it takes to sing the song of Faith and feeds us the lines.  The spoken become the sung – the hidden the revealed and the gift within expressed. 

Listen to to the song but listen especially to the last minute or so – the guidance of a master storyteller and gifted singer, encouraging others to find their voice.  “Come Holy Spirit – fill the hearts of your faithful …..”


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