Urlaur Church

Hello there! Met someone in Ballagh on Thursday night who said “you’re not doing much with the blog these days” so here goes!! 

Things going grand in Kilmovee, thanks be to God.  Settled in well and very happy in the house.  People have been very kind and welcoming so that’s a real bonus.  Still go to Ballagh a fair bit and keep in contact with people there too.  Another bonus!  We were there on Thursday for a farewell presentation to Fr Dermot, Fr Gerry and myself and a word of thanks to all for their kindness.

Shortly I am going to Ballgh to do MC at a Talent Competition “Ballagh’s Got Talent” so not sure what that’s going to be like.  It’s due to start at 2pm and be over by 6pm.  I hope it’s enjoyable for all involved.

St Joseph's Church, Urlaur
St Joseph's Church, Urlaur (Kilmovee Parish)

At 7pm this evening we have Mass in St Joseph’s Church, Urlaur.  The Mass is in thanksgiving for the church’s 40th Anniversary.  I told them it’s the first time I’ve been involved in a parish where I am older than one of its churches!  Spooky and scarey 🙂  Anyway, here’s a link to a piece I put together for tonight’s Mass.  There’s a very interesting story around the fundraising for the church.  See what you think!

I’m back!!


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