Twenty-Eighth Sunday of The Year

A few words for the weekend!

The Kingdom of God isn’t so much an address as a way of life. In other words, it’s about a mind shift whereby all we do, say and become is shaped by this Kingdom. It’s a sense of the right, the decent and the good. It’s about forgiveness, healing, patience, giving and becoming. It’s not always easily found because at times we look in the wrong place!

We are in this Kingdom of God right now! Not because we’re in this building though it is certainly part of the Kingdom, but because we are here to pray, to listen to God’s word, to share Eucharist, to be blessed and sent on our way to “Love and serve the Lord”.

The well-intentioned question at the heart of today’s Gospel passage misses the mark. The questioner is totally sincere. He wants to do better. He wants a map to the place! He wants directions. Jesus offers DIRECTION! Eternal Life/Kingdom of God is not so much destination as dedication. Where we find dedication to God’s word and attentiveness to its detail we find the Kingdom of God.

Jesus speaks of giving up possessions, of selling all and giving to the poor. Do we all need to put our life’s possessions in the small ads? Do we need to advertise our wares on EBAY? Maybe! Certainly if they’ve taken too much hold of us we need to downsize. Maybe if we judge our well being on our possessions it’s time to have another look. But selling everything could easily achieve nothing if it’s done for the wrong reason. We often criticise airlines that restrict our luggage size and who penalise us for carrying a second or third case. Sometimes, the airlines might have it right. How much do we really need? When push comes to shove a lot can be left one side and what is essential carried aboard – even in a see through bag.

The Kingdom of God is about see-through bags. It’s about transparency. It’s about not carrying what can be left down. It’s about being able to get through narrow openings so that we can make a difference once we get through. It’s about focus.

What is our focus today? What can we truly do to make the world a better place? Do we need laws and regulations to make us choose what is good or do we do good because we choose? The poor – yes, they need to be part of our focus. Those who may be financially poor, emotionally poor, spiritually poor are calling out for help. We may well be among them ourselves. In the Kingdom of God they – we – are noticed not ignored, helped not hindered, encouraged not condemned.

The Kingdom of God is around us. Focus continues or begins now.


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