Monasteraden Cemetery Mass

We had Mass today in Monasteraden Cemetery.  This had been planned for some time but weather the past few days was not too favourable.  However the morning  “came good” and the Mass went ahead.  Thanks be to God for that.  It is a very important Liturgical gathering in the community and people are very good for attending, even natives of the community who are living away come back for the “Cemetery Mass”. 

I asked Jerome Mannion to take my camera and capture a few shots during the Mass.  I did this so that there might be a visual record of our Spirtual Gathering.  Thanks to Jerome for doing that.  Thanks to Phyl and Frank Flaherty who did so much work behind the scenes.  Thanks to Kitty (home from England on holiday but tirlessly working around the church) for all her help.  Thanks also to Michéal Corcoran and Jack Flannery who brought chairs so that some of the people would have a place to sit.  Frances Kelly reckoned she was sinking but I advised her that a cemetery was not the best place to sink so she stopped!!  Carmel Quinn read the Scriptures for us.  Imelda Wynne and Phil Downes helped with Communion and we had willing and able Mass Servers.

Anyway, here are a few of the photos.  If you were there, thanks for coming and if you are living away and reading this, know that your people were remembered by our people today.


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