42nd Street Art

Hello, greetings from New York. Here again, spending some time at St Agnes’ Parish, Rockville Centre. Went into New York today and met my neighbour from Mullaghroe, Noelle McEnerney (McLoughlin) and her daughter Niamh.


When we parted company I walked back to Penn Station and spent a bit of time on 42nd Street. That’s where I filmed this artist at work ….. amazing work with spray paints and while watched by passers by. I think he knew I was filming so hopefullly it’s all right to post here!

and the finished product



They were playing chess on the street!  A lot of pedestrianisation has been done around Times Square and it’s very relaxed.  On one street there were people playing chess ….. literally!

Chess "on the street"
Chess "on the street"

I was even invited to play but “Draughts” are a challenge for me 🙂  And then there was this man – not so much “Kicking the Bucket” as playing it!  He beat out quite a tune and the lyric as he looked at me was “Five dollars for the photo”!  I haggled and gave him almost a dollar.  He seemed happy enough with that …

"Five Dollars"
"Five Dollars"
And there was this man- playing music in the subway.  I’ve seen him before.  “Music under New York” is his banner.  He has a variety of dancing puppets and dolls that move to his music.
Some sing low and some sing higher!
Some sing low and some sing higher!Shrek was on the corner!
So then a bit of New York and what comes across to me, at least, is the desire to entertain and be entertained.  I’m sure there were other less pleasant images to be captured and heard but, when all is said and done, as long as we seek the good the good will seek us!

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