Second Sunday of Lent

Today’s Gospel tells of the Transfiguration – when Jesus was revealed to Peter, James and John in a way not seen before.  Words from the God The Father confirmed the Son’s mission.  Here’s a thought … loosely based on that message. 



What is it about a wedding day that makes us turn our heads to see the bride walking up the aisle? Quite often she is to be seen   beside her father.  We know her well and have seen her often.  Older friends might know her since childhood, school friends from teenage years, work colleagues from her place of employment.  She is well known to us but, on this  special day, her appearance holds some mystery and wonder.  Most likely her father has commented on how beautiful she looks and how proud he is of her as they journey their way to the Church.  Her husband-to-be stands at the foot of the Altar longing to see her as she stands beside him.  Often too, you’ll hear him comment at the reception on how “radiant” she looks. Though not seen for the first time, there is something different on the day.  A transfiguration. 

Is there something of this in today’s Gospel account of Transfiguration.  That same Jesus, well known to his friends and travelling companions is seen in new light – a dazzling brightness – words of praise from the Father are heard.  He is as was and will be but there’s something different – something special.  It is a new day.  It is a moment of acknowledgement.  “Lord, it is wonderful for us to be here”. 

Maybe, we need to look more closely at people and allow them to shine – everyday. 

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