Another Thought and Another Smile!

Just had a nice comment on the DOG LOGIC piece so makes me think I should include this as well.  Now, let’s be clear, I don’t have any pets!!  I like dogs though – well when they don’t intimidate me!!  There seems to be some truth in this piece.  Let me know what you think.  (If Clare want’s another dog .. then go for it Margaret!)

The piece is entitled “Please remember these the next time you think I can’t  have a pet because we have a child” …..

And then there’s this!!  Not sure how you feel about Dame Edna but I just think Martin Sheen’s reaction in this piece is class … There’s little to beat a good and unexpected laugh.

And then there’s this one …..


2 thoughts on “Another Thought and Another Smile!”

  1. Thank you for making me smile. The photos of the children with the dogs were priceless. I have a dog, who my girls tell me I love more than them! Well, I don’t really, but its close. LOL She is such a part of our family. I can’t imagine not having her.

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