7th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Just doing the parish newsletter for this week and put a few words together for reflection on Gospel of the healing of the parlytic as told in Gospel passage for 7th Sunday in Ordinary time.  Thought I’d share it here!



What did I think as they carried me that day?  I’m often asked that.   

To be honest, I’m not sure what I thought.  I was more or less past caring.  Doctors had given up on me.  People, even  my own family, couldn’t fully understand.  I was so weak – so tired! My legs, believe it or not, were the least of my worries.  Worry!  Funny I should use that word.  I was worried.  Worried about the thoughts and feelings that went around my brain.  I had so much time to think. Often the thoughts were  angry and they took shape in tantrums, jealousy, bitterness, hopelessness.  I really felt I was a lost cause.   

They carried me to have a wonder worked.  Even as they laboured beneath my weight, I thought what a futile exercise.  I couldn’t believe it when they climbed on the roof.  I almost wished they’d fall.  That anger in me again.  Making a show of me.  Lowered as if I wasn’t already low enough.  Then I heard it “Your sins are forgiven”.  He knew what was troubling me most.  I was used to not walking but couldn’t get used to the feelings that travelled with me.  “Your sins”, he said,   are forgiven”.  I knew I was cured and, as if that weren’t enough, he told me to get up and walk.   

I’m walking since! Walking on air!


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