Many Happy Returns

On February 2nd, 2009, we gathered in St. Aiden’s Church, Monasteraden to celebrate the 90th Birthday of Frances Kelly.  For many years Frances has had close involvement with the church – her late husband, Hubie, cared for the sacristy (as did Frances and many of her family) and each week, she is found in the choir, giving voice to her Faith!  It seemed appropriate that we celebrate this milestone in her life.  Especially apporpriate, given the day we celebrate – The Lord’s Presentation in the Temple – when the young family and the Child Jesus come into contact with the aged Simeon and Anna, two of the faithful ones who had waited for and believed in this day.  A sure sign that we owe much to the older generation who keep the flame of faith alive in, sometimes, wandering hearts!  Thanks Frances!

After Mass, we had the chance to spend some time together in the school hall and it was a joyful gathering.  The choir, in paying tribute to Frances, sang “You raise me up” and I grabbed my camera but not in time to catch the opening bars but here’s how it sounded.  Well done to all involved and “Happy Birthday Frances”.

A few photos from the gathering in the school.


One thought on “Many Happy Returns”

  1. Thankyou for putting this onto your webpage. It was so lovely to see our Grandma/Great Grandma celebrating her birthday. She is an inspiration to us all as is our much loved and missed Grandad. WE LOVE YOU GRANDMA, we think of you all the time, and we miss you. You are looking fantastic . We hope to see you soon,Lots of love Loveday, Alan , Jamie ,Bonnie,Niamh,Victoria and Grace

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