Worcester Wedding

Last weekend, I had the chance to attend a wedding in Worcester, Massechussetts of Liz Parker and Joe Gagne.  It was celebrated in the Memorial Chapel of Holy Cross College.  I was only a few days there but really enjoyed the time – not least the chance to spend some time with the Jesuit Community at Holy Cross.  My thanks to Fr. Jim Hayes and all the others I met there.  The hospitality was superb and the chance to spend a bit of time on campus most enjoyable.

Joe and Liz
Joe and Liz

The wedding was a prayerful celebration and took place at 10am!  A bit earlier for a wedding than I’d be used to!  Fr. Jim was celebrant of the Wedding Mass and I preached the “cupla focail” (few words).  The church was amazing and a credit to all who care for it so well.  Indeed I had the chance on Friday to meet some of the caretaker team and they were so obviously proud of the chapel.

Memorial Chapel, Holy Cross
Memorial Chapel, Holy Cross College

I was glad to meet some old friends at the wedding, Corky and Jeanie Korves as well as Carrie and Guillermo and also to meet some new people as well – The Hodgens Family, Andrew (from Wigan) who flew in from Ohio and many of Liz and Joe’s respective families.

Wedding Collage
Wedding Collage

A good few days!  Thursday to Sunday a bit short though for Trans-Atlantic travel!!


One thought on “Worcester Wedding”

  1. Father Sherlock:

    Was glad to see you made it back to Holy Cross for the wedding. Yes that church is beautiful, as I get to Worcester for work I have seen the campus and chapel. Was good to see you at St Nathy’s the week before for confession. As a graduate of LeMoyne in Syracuse I believe in the value of a Jesuit education.

    God bless to you and yours!

    Jim Kelly

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