Cousin’s Wedding

On Friday, July 11th, I attended the wedding of Siobhan Mulligan – a cousin of mine – in Manchester.  The Mass was in Chorlton and the local priest “Father Mc” was celebrant of the Wedding Mass.  I hadn’t met Siobhan in probably more than a decade and had never met her husband-to-be, Ben.  It was a lovely occasion and I was glad to be part of it.  Siobhan’s grandmother (Nellie Bermingham, R.I.P.) and my father were first cousins.  Ben is from Australia and was a pleasure to meet.  I wish Siobhan and Ben all they wish for and hope they will be very happy “le cheile”.  God Bless. 

There was an article about Siobhan and Ben in their local paper.  Both of them “row” and it was through that sport they met … a nice piece

A few photos!


2 thoughts on “Cousin’s Wedding”

  1. Father Vincent,
    Thank you for joining us to help celebrate our wedding in Manchester. Your rendition of Johnny Cash’s ‘Forty shades of green’ at the evening reception was really special. Siobhan is a big Johnny Cash fan so it was a good choice and a nice surprise for both of us.

    We will definitely plan a visit to see you later on this year.


  2. What a fantastic day we all had, it was a beautiful celebration, and we will hold those special memories for ever. I know Siobhan and Ben had an amazing day and thank you for coming over to share it with them. Hope to see you soon,

    love Rose and Bernie xxx

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