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I tried for a while to keep a website going alongside www.achonrydiocese.org but tended to neglect it.  Going to give this blog a try for a while.  I have no idea where it’ll go or what will feature but hopefully it will serve some purpose.  Those how know me, are all to aware that I believe in communcation so this is another tool.  Would be glad to hear from you and suggestions are welcome.

Barnie died about two months ago!  He was a good friend to my parents and they to him.  I got him in the Dog Pound in Galway and I’d swear he knew I rescued him from a fate worse than being fed by Bill!  He always seemed to have great welcome for me.  Makes me think about gratitude and loyalty and maybe that’s where this blog has its roots.

“Did Jesus have a dog Tony?” the priest asked the young boy during a religious question time – “No Father, for if he had, it would have been with him at Calvary”.  How right he was!  The dog would be there.  So too would good friends.

Any thoughts!

3 thoughts on “Hello there ..”

  1. could not agree more regarding your comments about Barnie

    reminded of Harry Trumn’s comments about living in Washington – unfortuantely it could be well dispersed beyond that place by now

    “if you want a friend buy a dog”

    I still miss mine and it has been 12 years , last month

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